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Our 2016 Tibet adult higher education correspondence classes in Lhasa
July 12, 2016   审核人:

 The morning of July 11, 2016, our 2016 Tibet adult higher education correspondence courses in Tibet meteorological training center. From the Tibet Autonomous Region meteorological unit staff a total of 79 participants the correspondence learning, opening ceremony presided over by the Tibet meteorological training center, deputy director of the Argonne, the Tibet Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau personnel director Zhao Weihong, Chengdu Information Engineering University to Education Institute Vice President Zou Jin, the admissions office Lihailin director, atmospheric Sciences, Wang Chao, attended the opening ceremony.
The commencement ceremony, Zhao Weihong of Chengdu University of information engineering teacher and to Tibet from various regions in correspondence training and study of all participants expressed a warm welcome, also of the Tibet Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau and Chengdu Information Engineering University School Cooperation Mode give fully affirmed, and must be close cooperation between the two sides maintained for a long time, cultivating and sending more applied talents to the meteorological industry.
To introduce the basic situation and development history of Chengdu Information Engineering university. He pointed out that in our school since 2009 and Tibet meteorological training center held the first adult higher correspondence education class so far has meteorological undertakings in Tibet culture conveying nearly 300 meteorological professionals, also plans a year in Tibet meteorological training center teaching classes, in the hope that through based on correspondence Station classes focus on teaching, so that all students learn from each other, learn from each other, study and solve the key and difficult problems that encountered in the work, for the Tibet meteorological research and exploration to contribute their strength.
The opening time the class is from July 11th to July 27th, a half month. Meteorology majors mainly by the school of atmospheric science sent Wang Chao, speaker, curriculum efforts to solve the practical problems encountered by students in the work, supplemented by professional theoretical teaching in layman 's language, and the students learning very seriously.
2016 adult higher education in Tibet correspondence courses successful classes is our school and the Tibet Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau good implementation and a concrete manifestation of bureau of school cooperation, for our school and other area of the meteorological department to carry out similar to adult higher education cooperation provides a good reference and reference.

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