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The first "calligraphy teacher seminar opening ceremony held in the three and two reading Hui Dayi new stadium
July 7, 2016   审核人:

To implement the national language cause long-term reform and development plan (2012 - 2020) "to carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture heritage, the morning of July 3, 2016, by Chengdu University of information engineering training center and Chengdu three and two Public Reading Promotion Center Co sponsored the first" teacher Calligraphy Seminar "opening ceremony in three and two reading Hui Dayi new stadiums held.

Chengdu University of information technology training center, deputy director of the Zhang Yihong, an associate professor, teacher Lv Li three plus two reading the Secretary General of the Hui Zhu Ling, calligraphy instructor, Qionglai CPPCC Dean of art Cao Dake attended the opening ceremony and activities by the three plus two reading Hui volunteers Luo Mengsi presided over the. To participate in the training of students from three and two of each branch of the reading Hui 20 volunteers.

The training aims to for three and two reading Hui Branch of volunteers to provide a good professional improvement and teaching platform, further improve the calligraphy of professional knowledge and teaching level for the next three plus two reading Hui in the library classes calligraphy training class teacher. To participate in training the students since July 3, will be in new stadiums were for a period of 2 months of training (every Sunday morning), the content involves the research of teaching method for the script, script, running script, seal and ancient writing research.
After the opening ceremony, Mr. Cao Dake made a "seminar on basic knowledge of calligraphy calligraphy training students".
3+2 reading Hui introduction
For the breakthrough time and space constraints, different times, different geographical knowledge and culture dissemination, exchange and fusion; to encourage especially young people found the joy of reading, the inspiration of life; as to those who promote the progress of human society and culture to make contribution to the people said Yi Jing. 3+2 reading Hui "to build a platform for sharing books, and held a ceremony on April 22, 2012. Purpose: the nature of public welfare, culture oriented, service community, service youth.
Cao Dake teacher
Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, member of Chinese hard pen Calligrapher's Association, Sichuan Province hard pen Calligrapher's Association, director of Chengdu City Calligraphers Association, Chengdu three art museum curator, Qionglai city CPPCC Book Painting Academy.
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