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School of continuing education steering steering group to "two a" learning education
July 7, 2016   审核人:

July 5th, the school seventh steering group went to the school of continuing education inspection and supervision, two to learn one to do learning education to carry out the situation. Meeting in college general Party branch members dawn, Zhang Yihong, Zou Jin, Zhao Xiaomei and student branch secretary Lv Li and Li Hailin, briefing by the institute general Party branch secretary Zhang Chi presided over.

Zhang Chi to the inspection team reported to my school, "two to learn to do" learning and education development. School in accordance with the unified deployment, I institute general Party branch attaches great importance to "learn" study and education, careful planning, meticulous organization, really realistically do. In "two studies and a" learning education has achieved good results. In our hospital, all members of the leadership team embarked on the classroom lectures, lectures content rich, vivid design. In order to achieve the "two learning a" learning and education to achieve full coverage, in view of the special nature of our college teaching, we will make full use of network and other means of distance education to make up for the lack of school effectiveness monitoring. At the same time, put forward the next stage to promote the "two to do" learning and education of the work of thinking.
Supervision group introduced the purpose and significance of this inspection and supervision, and to my hospital two to learn to do a full recognition of the development of learning education. Steering group at the same time required:
1, Faculty Party branch to further strengthen political theory study, in particular, to hold the party's "bottom line", not the "red line" to ensure every Party member advanced sex, establish a party banner.
2, the branch must be combined with undergraduate teaching assessment work, the party members to learn how to implement.
3, in the discipline construction, scientific research work, especially in the service of local economy, to be innovative, to break through, to make contributions to the service.
Finally, the steering group summed up the supervision and inspection of our hospital, we suggest that the use of remote network education means to carry out the "two to learn to do" learning and education work, highlight the highlights. Adhere to do two to learn one to do the normal work of learning and education, to always carry out the theme activities, to provide ideas and organizational support for the party branch.
After the report, the inspection group of our hospital "two studies and a" learning education information of the checked, and listened to the present stage our hospital in learning difficulties existing in the education, and points out that the report on the material preparation.

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