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Our school started in 2016 higher education self-study examination of the provincial examination work
June 28, 2016   审核人:


n June 2016, Chengdu Information Engineering University to continue education institute of Sichuan Province, the organization of the application of self examination. The examination of the hospital organized a total of 26 courses, 623 of the exam, all the courses of the province examination strictly according to the standards and requirements of the self-taught examination examination, the teaching must be the candidates for the exam education, strictly abide by the discipline examination, strict examination registration procedures, strict implementation of the candidates to double card to take the exam, each exam room must be equipped with two examiners teachers, in strict compliance with the same topic also principle. Teach the examination yuan (2016) in accordance with the Sichuan Province Education Examination Yuan Chuan 43 file requirement province exam during the Continue Education Institute organized a patrol examination staff, respectively on all BOCAI specializes in an institute, School of logistics, ginkgo Hotel Management College, East Star Aviation Institute of tourism and test the examination inspection work, patrol test personnel to the center of the pro forma, group test, paper storage, organization of the examination, the examination discipline and so on all aspects of the inspection and check, the inadequacies of the proposed rectification requirements. Through the inspection, strengthen the teaching point of the examination management, serious examination room discipline, and promote the application of self-study examination of the sustained, healthy and coordinated development.

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