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He Shengyu went to the school of continuing education to carry out the work of inspection and research
May 28, 2016   审核人:

May 27th morning, He Shengyu, vice president of Qingyang campus to continue education and training work to carry out inspection and research. School at the Qingyang campus meeting room all staff meeting, the meeting by the college party secretary Zhang Chi presided.

College Dean dawn introduced the new leadership team members, and said the leadership team will work together to do a good job in College development. He analyzed and summarized the situation and tasks of adult higher education, higher education self-study examination and training work, pointed out the three major crises and four tasks, and put forward new ideas. He stressed the need to proceed from the logistics reform work, diversion of personnel. Work to re adjust the division of labor, a post more responsibility requirements, a post more energy, innovative work to open up to education of new markets and expand social training project as a key work, multiple channels to carry out income generating, accomplish management objectives and tasks for the school.

He Shengyu pointed out that the comprehensive and accurate analysis, work ideas in place, she hopes to lead the leadership of this year, to create a new situation in the work of continuing education and training.

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